I’m Amy, a British 20-something living in San Francisco with my husband, D. We moved to the Bay Area in January 2016 and are living the “American dream” through exploring our local area and traveling the western states, all while adjusting to the (completely different!) Californian way-of-life.

I am originally from a small town in the East of England, roughly two hours drive from London. I have spent most of my adult life living in the city where I studied; I gained my undergraduate degree in Biomedicine and my postgraduate degree in Education at the University of East Anglia. I finally left University in 2013 to work as a Science teacher, teaching Biology to 11-18 year olds.

After 12 months of teaching in a rural high school, we moved to The Big Smoke (aka London) to work. We lived in East London in the 2012 Olympic athletes village, an amazing place for experiencing the London Olympic legacy! I worked in North London, just round the corner from my husband’s spiritual home, The Emirates Stadium, again as a Science teacher.

Almost one year on, D and I have got married, received visits from friends and family, travelled (somewhat briefly!) around California, and settled in the South Bay, a place we now call home ❤️.

Please keep checking back to keep up to date with mine and D’s adventures in America and learn more about how we are Perfecting Life.

A x