Travel bucket list

We all have places we want to see. I have lost count of the times I have said to D “I would like to go to *insert random place name*”. The most recent one was Texas. I saw a TV advert for TravelTexas and it just looked like so much fun. But that’s the main reason why we say we would like to go to a place, right? We see something in the media, we read a book set in that place, or we know someone who has been there and they’ve told you all the interesting tales of adventures and exploits in a foreign land. And you want to do the same. So here’s my list of places I would like to visit. I won’t give it a “before I die” scenario; they’re just places that I think would be nice to see, with my own eyes and create some of my own tales to tell those who will listen.

#1 Australia

As much as the stories of snakes in toilets, and spiders falling from car sun visors scare the living daylights out of me, I would still give it a go. I would love to see Uluru (Ayers Rock), dive in the Great Barrier Reef with creatures who have too many teeth and explore the streets of Sydney to find those quirky cafes and bars that every city has to have. It’s a dream to see the southern hemisphere and experience the “backwards seasons” that just make my mind spin (I mean, 30ºC+ heat on Christmas Day?! *mind blown*). Sydney.jpg

#2 Alaska

Polar bears, several feet of snow, and a chance to see the Northern Lights? What more is there to say? Oh yeh, and I wouldn’t have to get my money exchanged for some weird looking coins that I have no clue what they are? Bonus!Alaska.jpg

#3 Tokyo

It just looks like such an amazing place to experience! The hype, the number of people and the hustle and bustle of a major city is my love. The noise, the pushing and the variety of people coming together in one place that makes it a people-watching dream. There would be so much to see and such an insult on the senses that I just wouldn’t know where to start. Hang on, how about Tokyo 2020? That just so happens to be the year I turn 30! How about it, D? 😉 Tokyo.jpg

#4 Brazil

The sounds of the Carnival, the smell of the Amazon, and the sight of Christ The Redeemer in the distance. Enough said? Brazil.jpg

#5 Galapagos Islands

The wildlife! The reason for this infatuation. Being nicknamed a fish for my liking of water many times growing up, I would just love to swim with them all in these islands. Finding Nemo (yes, I actually did!) when I was diving in the Red Sea was one ticked off my bucket list at a young age, but swimming with turtles, dolphins and rays in the Galapagos would just tip me over the edge! Turtle.jpg

#6 Florida

Because I’m a big kid at heart and I would love to see The Magic Kingdom with my own two eyes! Perhaps this will be one seen in later life, when we could experience it will mini-D’s and Amy’s but it still makes the list, no matter when we do it in life. Magic Kingdom.jpg

#7 Bruges

The Christmas Markets have to be the explanation for this one. The cold weather, the smells of sweet treats and the feels of the christmas spirit in the air just makes the experience all the more special. As a self-confessed big kid, it’s all about the magic of the time of year.Bruge.jpg

#8 Santorini

The white-washed buildings, the winding streets that lead to the habour and those bright blue roofs: heaven on Earth? Add in the crystal blue waters, the warm sunshine and the greek food, I’m pretty sure I could happily spend my last day on this planet there. Santorini.jpg

#9 Dubai

Because I love the thought of being dwarfed by the sky-scrappers, bigger than any I have ever seen before. They are just something else! Dubai.jpg

#10 Isle of Skye

I know it’s the least exotic on this list of the world but why wouldn’t you want to explore this beautiful land? I have only experienced Scotland for 2 days out of my 26 years but it will always be somewhere I want to return to. The Isle of Skye seems so serene and peaceful that I can just picture myself sitting wrapped in a blanket, sipping a hot chocolate while staring out at the rolling hills and crashing waves after a long day of hiking said hills and beaches. Hygge or what?Skye.jpg

#11 Denmark

Talking of Hygge… Let’s experience it in it’s homeland: Denmark. Also the home of bacon, lego and shipping containers but that’s not why it makes my list. The culture, the landscape and the history intrigue me. City’s like Copenhagen house so many beautiful gardens, architecture and buildings that I can imagine that I would be hard pushed to fit everything in one trip! Denmark.jpg

I know that my list only contains 11 countries and there are so many more incredible places to see in the world, and in the country that I currently call home, to that fact. I could make this list as long as my arm but who would read that? I’m hoping that some of these will get ticked off soon, but what’s the rush? We have our whole lives to go places. Let’s just enjoy the journey getting there ❤

A x

What countries make your travel bucket list? Have you been to any of these and want to recommend any particular parts to us? If there was one country at the top of your list, where would it be? 

*All photos courtesy of unsplash

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