Winning at life!

Today has been a win. A win that I have resisted the two Reese’s eggs sat on the worktop, but more importantly, a win that I have started the ball rolling on being able to get back into the classroom and back to teaching. So, if you are one of the people who has asked me over the past 2+ years whether I will continue teaching while living in America, today I can confidently answer: yes I will! 

I never thought it was going to be possible for me to be a teacher in CA. All of the research I did before moving here got me nowhere. There is hardly any information out there about being able to convert an out-of-state or out-of-country teaching qualification into the required “California Teaching Credential”. It was useless. I had essentially given up before I had even started.

All of the research that I had done quickly put off because I didn’t understand what I needed to have in terms of qualifications or what I needed to apply for. For someone who holds an undergraduate and postgraduate degree, trying to work out what is actually needed to be a teacher in this country is bloody difficult! But I kept looking back at the information, trying to find forums to ask other expats, crossing my fingers and hoping that I would find that one person who was in the same boat as me and had successfully earned their license and miraculously written the secret instructions in a blog post just for me to find. But no such luck…

So what has changed, I hear you ask! I got a kick up the bum from D, that’s what happened. He helped me see that it was worth looking into again, it was worth making a few phone calls and asking the questions that I really thought would make me sound like a dumb immigrant to the locals. But I can’t have been the only one to ask them, right? It was worth the perseverance and the many frustrated phone conversations with “helpful” people who just kept directing me to the same damn PDF document online: “Yes, I have seen that but I can’t make head nor tail of it. Please can you translate it for me?”

Finally! I found the right person! They knew exactly how to help me and here I am today, getting my paperwork ready for my degree evaluation and registering for the teachers skills tests. The first two steps before I can then take my pile of certificates and degrees and exchange them for that longed-for teachers credential!

So everyone, cross your fingers and hope for the best because I think I’m going to need it. I know that I have won for today, but there is going to be so much more paperwork, hoop-jumping and frustrated phone calls to come, I just know it, before I am handed that golden ticket to teaching. But it’s going to be worth it, right?!

A x

Have you been trying to start a new career or get back into an old one, and been lost as to where to start? Are you thinking about getting into teaching? Do you know anyone who could be in the same position as me? 

5 thoughts on “Winning at life!

  1. I’m fairly certain my fella went through a similar issue when moving here from England. He got a job as an instructor at Cal Poly and they wouldn’t accept the fact that England universities give degrees differently than the US, but they worked it out and he taught there for 2 semesters, then moved out to the east coast and picked up another instructor position at the university I was working at (where we met). If you still have any questions, I will be happy to ask him about it… Let me know! 🙂


  2. Nice work, Amy! Just wanted to say congrats on taking a second run at things. I know what it’s like and had I not persevered in a similar situation last year, I wouldn’t have enjoyed running my first company.

    All the best as you go through the steps required to get your degrees evaluated. Keep us updated 🙂


    PS. Found you on The Blog Loft FB group 🙂


    • Thanks Jessica! It’s daunting to get going again when you don’t really know where to start but I’m getting there. Hopefully my degree evaluation should be finished in around 4 weeks and I should have the results of my California Basic Education Skills Test at the end of this week! After that I can then make progress with applying to schools and earning some pennies! Exciting times!
      Good job on persevering with your business. It feels great when everything falls into place in the end.
      A x
      PS. Thanks for finding me on The Blog Loft. It’s a great group for getting your blog out there 😊

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