A walk on the beach

A walk on the beach? In mid-January? You must be kidding, I hear you all shout. And we didn’t freeze our butts off? Nope! It even started to get a little toasty the longer we stayed. Am I making you all jealous yet? I hope not 😉

So me and D took the opportunity to spend a lazy afternoon in the small town of Carmel-by-the-Sea, which is just over an hour away from where we live in San Jose. So many people had told us about the town and how pretty it was but it took us over a year to get there! And after just a short visit, I want to go back to explore some more. Among the independent shops and restaurants, you can find quaint coffee shops and bakeries, similar to those that you can find in rural villages and towns in the UK. I even stopped (perhaps a little too long) to ogle the treats they had on offer.


As our trip was a flying visit, we didn’t get to sample any of the treats that they had to offer, but it was a great excuse to brush the dust off the camera and explore. We started off by walking down to the beach (I say down as it’s a bit of a trek downhill. Obviously this wasn’t a problem…on the way down).

On the beach, you could see why so many friends had told us to go on a warm day. The sky was blue, and the sun was shining. What more could you ask for? Take a look at my photos and feel free to answer that question yourself!


Apparently Carmel has the “purest” white sand on the west coast. Whether I believe this or not, its pretty darn good-looking. I can imagine in the heat of summer it would the ideal beach to laze around all day with ice-cold drinks and a picnic. This is definitely at the top of my summer to-do list! And even though the water must have been cold, there were so many people enjoying the waves. The surfers looked like they were having so much fun, even if decent waves were few and far between. Again, something that I need to take advantage of living so close to the ocean: learn how to surf!

It’s safe to say that I have well and truly fell in love with this little seaside town. Everything from the long white sand beach to the cypress tree-lined streets is calling me back. But for now, I will enjoy the long-awaited rain that has been gracing San Francisco for the past few days with a warm blanket and hot chocolate whilst flicking through the rest of my Carmel photos.


A x

Have you visited a new place recently? Are you excited to start exploring a new area? Do you have any places on the West Coast that me and D should visit? 


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