Making a change

I know it’s a cliché to start a new healthy living regime in January but what’s wrong with wanting to make a fresh start to the year? Start as you meant to go on and all that… So here we go. Me and D are mixing up our diet, taking the gym more seriously and supporting each other throughout all of the cramps, cravings and muscle pain. We are making a change to feel better about ourselves and to improve our health! 

You don’t realise how unfit you are until you actually attempt to start working out. Fact. The tomato-faced, puffing and panting doesn’t take long to set in and hangs around for what feels like an eternity! You also don’t realise how bad your eating habits are until you try to change them! But what has got me through? A gym-buddy, plain old perseverance and seeing results! The feeling you get when you see a lower number on those scales on a Monday morning sure beats the satisfaction of tucking into that third Dairy Milk.

This is now the second week of operation kick-up-the-bottom and we have done so well! Our first weigh-in was a great success (I won’t bore you with numbers but it was a loss for both of us!) and we are moving into week two with positive, can-do attitudes and so much will-power it’s scary! There have been many occasions in the past when we have each half-heartedly made the decision to try to get a bit healthier with cutting out bad foods, or heading to the gym more than once a year but these phases have never lasted longer than a Milky Bar in the hands of our niece. For that reason, we made the choice to go at it together. We went together to see a nutritionist, we have started cooking together in the evenings, and even doing the food shopping together. Sickeningly perfect married couple or what?!

One of the most drastic changes that we have both made is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates that we eat. I guess being from Norfolk has given us the inherited belief that every meal should be “meat-and-two-veg”, with one of those being potato! So we have completely cut out pasta, bread and white potatoes from our diet and replaced them with healthier alternatives. We have also been looking into new, fresh meals that we can cook from scratch. Since moving to the Bay Area, we struggle with finding foods that we were used to picking up at Tesco or Sainsbury so I have been doing a lot more from-scratch cooking but now I have upped my game! One of our favourite creations is my Turkey Meatball Tomato Soup. It is amazing! I am hoping to do a few more food-related posts so please stay tuned for that one…you may find the recipe appear here at a later date.

But this “new lifestyle” isn’t all about eating healthier. I believe that if you’re going to do something, you need to put 100% into it. That’s where the new exercise routine comes in. We have been smashing the gym no less than 4 times a week and pushing each other on when muscles get tired and our brains tell us it’s time to give up. Having someone to work out with is really such a great thing. I have been missing my usual gym-buddy for the past 2 months (come back soon for Jazzercise, bacha!) and it really kicked my motivation in the balls. But being able to workout with D at home has been great. There’s nothing like your husband telling you get your butt in gear to make it happen!

So the next few months are not going to be easy. There are probably going to be tough moments and times that we would rather sit on the sofa with our stash of English chocolate, watching Netflix but we will not give up! We are enjoying eating fresh, healthy, home cooked meals and no matter how many vouchers Dominos email me, we will not give in! We want to look good for our honeymoon at the end of the year and no one will break us!

We’ll keep you posted with updates and hopefully those food ideas for you to test out if I have managed to inspire you!

A x

Have you recently made the change to a healthier lifestyle or diet? Is there a particular way of eating that has worked for you? Are there any particular exercise classes or workouts that you have found and want to recommend? 

One thought on “Making a change

  1. I’ve also began a healthier lifestyle change recently, but I’m having trouble. Mainly because the gym my fella and I joined is the local aquatic center/gym…. as such, there are constantly swim meets and team practices that we can’t use the pool ever and the cardio room is usually full. We’ve both started eating more salads, particularly during lunch, and I’ve been drinking a protein shake as a meal replacement in the morning instead of eating my sugary cereal. I fell off the wagon over the weekend with the super bowl and us being out of town, but I’m trying to get back to it. Sounds like you and D have a good routine. Good for you!

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