2017 Action Plan

It could be my teacher-head, but I feel the need to make plans for everything. I write down what I need to do, what I want to accomplish, where I want to be by a certain time. Planning and lists are everything for me! Whether it’s a list of to-do’s in my head or a post-it note on the coffee table, it has thought about. And this hasn’t stopped since leaving teaching. So here is my action plan for 2017; this is everything I want to accomplish in this new year and more!

Get paid!

Having been out of work since December 2015, I am craving the feeling of earning some money. Even if I will only spend it on clothes, shoes and stationary (guilty pleasure!), I miss the excitement of checking a bank account to see the addition of lots of pennies! Being in a new country and finally on a visa that allows me to work, it’s exciting to be able to choose whatever I want to do. In the U.K., I would still be teaching. In the U.S., I unfortunately can’t do that here, meaning that I can look into whatever I want. Many people have made suggestions, and given tips as to where to start looking but this is  terrifying to me! What do I want to do? Do I completely change my career? But what else am I passionate about? Because I know that whatever I choose, I need to love it. Otherwise, what’s the point in getting up at stupid-o-clock for something that makes you miserable? I have started the process by creating a LinkedIn profile that’s progress enough for a January, right?


Second on my list is to plan and book an amazing honeymoon for me and D. Our friends and family were so generous with cash towards it that we want to make it memorable. I know it’s crude to ask for money as a wedding present but what would we do with a toaster and kettle from England? Living 5000 miles away would kind of make that difficult to pack! Both D and me are so fussy when looking for places to stay, even if it’s just for a weekend, let alone a trip of a lifetime to an exotic island for our honeymoon. We have narrowed it down to Fiji or Hawaii, but I’m sure I have travelled the world over via Expedia more than once to get to this decision. I will keep you posted on where we finally choose!

See more of California

As you know, I took a photography class at the end of last year and I want to put this to good use. I love being out and taking photos of quirky things and I’ve even moved onto informal portraits thanks to my sister and her family visiting over Christmas. I would love to keep this up and perhaps use it as an excuse to pack a bag and drive D’s fancy car around NorCal!

Blog more

I know I have only been at this blogging lark for a couple of  months but I feel I have been pretty lax with my posting schedule. So from now on, my aim is to complete one post per week. I don’t want to set an unrealistic target because I don’t want to fail. But it’s out there now, so I can’t go back on it! One post a week, coming up!

Artistic Amy

For Christmas, D got me a beginner’s guide to calligraphy and handwriting. I never understood when people say that drawing is relaxing as I was never any good at it, but handwriting and lettering is so much easier than I thought it would be! You may have seen one creation on Instagram but I want to keep going with this. I have purchased some nice pens, a good journal and made a new Pinterest board for inspiration. So friends, expect some amazing homemade cards and art for birthdays, anniversaries and any other occasion I can think of to send snail-mail!

So there it is. My 5-point plan for 2017. Of course there are others things that will be added to the list over the year but for now, let’s keep it short and manageable! I will keep you posted with any changes in my employment status and quite possibly take you along on the journey with me. God knows I am going to need some motivation to get my CV out there so perhaps you guys can do that for me!

A x

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