Dear 2016

For some you have been a bit of a rotter. From taking singers and actors such as Bowie, Victoria Wood, and Alan Rickman too early, to dividing the nation in the decision to break up the somewhat disfunctional family that is the European Union. But for me and D you have been a big one: the year we will never forget! Here is my round up of an amazing 12 months.

3rd January: we made it! We moved stateside. We packed up our little London apartment and sent our worldly possessions on a 5200 mile journey. We said our (tearful) goodbyes to friends and family and boarded our one-way flight to SFO. Our furniture would join us in a couple of months so for the time being we had to live out of our suitcases. It wasn’t quite the home that we would have picked for ourselves but it will always be our first in the US ❤️.

30th January: welcome to the family, Cindy and Malcolm!

17th February: after a painstaking search of what seemed like every house and apartment in the Silicon Valley, we found our perfect home. We collected the keys and rolled out the red carpet for the arrival of our long-forgotten furniture the following day. Everything arrived safely and was impatiently unwrapped and unboxed for the big unveil to D later in the day. I had managed to turn an empty and plain looking 3rd floor apartment into our home in the space of 8 hours (with a little help from 3 friendly American’s, a.k.a the delivery men!).

9th March: special delivery! Two very important people arrived with plenty of luggage in tow. They bought with them lots of sweet treats and masses of hugs and tales of annoying passengers from their first trans-Atlantic flight. We explored the Bay Area for 17 days, taking in the sights of the foreign land I now called home. We visited the Red Woods in Muir Woods, ventured to Napa Valley for some vino and explored the city of SF. Being a tourist for a while was so much fun! 
18th May: Happy birthday, D! I think we started a new tradition that all birthdays require – pancakes!

20th May: Happy birthday me! Guess what…we had more pancakes!

6th June: see you later, CA. My time had come to pack my suitcases again and head back to the UK for a few short weeks. It was a tearful cheerio but we knew the next time we would meet we would be only one week away from a very special day!

9th July: Happy wedding day to us! After 10 years together, we had arrived at our wedding day. We had all of our friends and family from near and far around us and it couldn’t have been more perfect! Yes, it rained in the morning (that’s supposed to be good luck, right?) but as soon as I stepped foot out of my parents front door, the sunshine arrived! Everything from the ceremony and the reception to the week spent together at the Boat House at Sennowe Park after, I could not have asked for anything more. Thank you, D and all the friends and family that made it a day to remember ❤️. 

31st July: it was that time again. Time to say adios to friends and family and endure the long journey home to my husband. I still love saying that, even 6 months on! After a great few weeks in England, I was ready to get back to normality in the US. And I could now officially start looking for a job and earning some money!

31st August: welcome friend! A visit from a good friend is enough to brighten the end of the summer and post-wedding blues. Time spent exploring the quirky parts of SF and a long weekend to LA was just what the doctor ordered! 

30th September: Vegas baby! Another month and another long weekend. This time we ventured out of the state of CA and hopped on a plane to Nevada, with a little journey into Arizona while we were there. The lights and sounds of Las Vegas are truly something you have to see to believe! From the sizes of the hotels, the thousands of people and the replicas of the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty, it really is an incredible place. Vegas will always be close to the top of my list of favourite trips with D. 

19th October: international arrivals. My parents arrived in the early evening for round #2! This time, they hired a car and Dad experienced driving in CA. We ventured further afield and even drove the 5 hours to Yosemite National Park and back in a day. The sights of that place are just out of this world!

24th November: Happy Thanks Giving. Our first American holiday was a success. We made a traditional English roast, with Yorkshire puddings and all! We then braved the cold and crowds and tried our hand at some Black Friday shopping. The shopping malls were full of people trying to snap up a bargain and make an early start to their Christmas gift-lists. And everyone loves a good deal, even if it does require standing in the queue at the till for an hour just to pay for a blender!

17th December: Christmas is coming! Our first night away in SF itself. We had picked a central hotel, I booked to get my hair done and found a pretty dress. We were off to the work’s Christmas party at the California Academy of Science in the Golden Gate Park. It was an experience seeing the museum at night, partying with the penguins and an awesome excuse to get dressed up!

25th December: Merry Christmas! Our first Christmas as husband and wife, and our first in a foreign country. We made sure everything was perfect, including buying a great 13lb turkey and preparing all the trimmings. The day involved waking up at silly times to speak to England but it couldn’t have been any better! Just me, D, Christmas films and lots of British chocolate! What more could a girl ask for?!

2016 has been a whirlwind and has gone by in a flash! We couldn’t have asked for our first year in America to have gone any better and we are hoping for plenty more exciting things in 2017. Here’s to the next 12 months and more!

A xx

What did 2016 bring for you? Did you do anything spectacular this year? What are you hoping for in 2017? 

2 thoughts on “Dear 2016

  1. It’s so nice seeing how everything came together for you both in 2016! I’m still upset about Bowie but got to spend some lovely times with you this year 😊. Happy new year from Norfolk! 😻

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