Dear 2016

For some you have been a bit of a rotter. From taking singers and actors such as Bowie, Victoria Wood, and Alan Rickman too early, to dividing the nation in the decision to break up the somewhat disfunctional family that is the European Union. But for me and D you have been a big one: the year we will never forget! Here is my round up of an amazing 12 months.

3rd January: we made it! We moved stateside. We packed up our little London apartment and sent our worldly possessions on a 5200 mile journey. We said our (tearful) goodbyes to friends and family and boarded our one-way flight to SFO. Our furniture would join us in a couple of months so for the time being we had to live out of our suitcases. It wasn’t quite the home that we would have picked for ourselves but it will always be our first in the US ❤️.

30th January: welcome to the family, Cindy and Malcolm!

17th February: after a painstaking search of what seemed like every house and apartment in the Silicon Valley, we found our perfect home. We collected the keys and rolled out the red carpet Continue reading

The most wonderful time of the year! (part 2) 

Being far from home at such a special time of year can be hard. If you are used to being surrounded by friends and family leading up to the 25th December, to enjoy the festivities together, it can be difficult to get into the Christmas Spirit. This is the first holiday that D and I have spent away from England, away from friends and away from our families but we are working extra hard to make sure we are making the most of the time!

Our Christmas Day tradition, if we were in England, would include enjoying morning presents and an extravagant lunch with my parents before journeying to D’s family for an afternoon of more presents, food and fun with our loved ones. For the first time in 11 years, we are not going to have to leave the house on Christmas Day! Not having the usual coin toss to decide who has to drive Continue reading

The most wonderful time of the year! (part 1)

We have so many friends and family living in the UK who have been visiting London and posting photos of their Christmas shenanigans on Facebook and Instagram. And guess what? You’re all making us jealous! We spent two Christmases in the capital before moving to CA and we loved taking time out to see what that the city had to offer at this time of year. With its Christmas markets, pretty lights, trees and decorations everywhere, you could see something different every day during the holiday!

For a few years before we moved to London, it became a tradition to visit the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park with our parents. Spending time with family, walking through the park, seeing all the holiday gift stalls and the food stands really made it feel like Christmas, even before the calendar had hit 1st December! And of course, standing and watching the ice-skaters had to be done, just to witness that unlucky one who managed to face-plant the ice within 2 minutes of hitting the rink.


Another place that we loved to see, and to take friends to when staying with us, was Borough Market at London Bridge. Continue reading