A weekend in LA

Since being in the US, D and I have been lucky to be able to visit lots of exciting places. Most of our trips have been in California, with the exception of Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. At the beginning of September we planned a weekend away to Los Angeles with an old friend from the U.K! We spent two nights in the city, saw many interesting things and walked plenty of miles.

So here is it, my top 10 tips for an awesome trip in LA!

Keep it central

LA is a very big city, with a lot of interesting things to see. But they are pretty well spread out. Depending on what you want to see/do, try to find in a hotel that is central to that area. Common sense, right? We stayed at the BLVD Hotel and Suites, two blocks north of Hollywood Boulevard Continue reading

Back to school

Living in America and not working for almost ten months has made me realise that having a hobby wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Growing up in England, I had many likes and interests but I never really had something that I was passionate about and could keep me busy without costing a fortune (apparently shopping isn’t a “real hobby”). I needed something that would take me out of the house and help me explore our new local area. Something that would keep me busy and perhaps be useful for this blog. And what better way to challenge myself than heading back to school!

So I did it. I enrolled in a local community college and signed up for a photography class. What have I got myself into?!

Going back to school as a mature student Continue reading